ASO - App Store Optimisation

This week I have been studying this ASO course by Gabriel Machuret, which has meant less time for coding, but I did do a few improvements.

The course is very good and covers a lot of different angles on how to get an app ranking well in the App Store and Google Play searches. It also talks a lot about conversions, i.e. getting as many people as possible to take the action you want.

One example of this is downloads. To maximise downloads for a given number of people eyeballing your app in the store, the most important thing is the icon. It needs to look great. People will choose your app for it’s icon the same way people choose a book for it’s cover.

Other important things are screenshots, description and the name of the app. The course covers all these things..

I took some action and decided to create a second draft of my icon based on what I learned from the course. Compare them below. I tossed a coin to decide which order to put them in below, so try to guess which one is newer:

Both icons took about the same time to make in a free drawing package called Inkscape. What do you think is better (I urge you scroll down to the bottom of the page and make a comment).

I want to work a bit more on the icon and maybe see what a few adults and kids think. The icon is so important it is worth spending the extra effort. I think 4 hours on the icon would give more back for the time spent than 4 hours adding more features to the app itself.

I also made some small improvements to the app to make users like it more. I moved ads from the bottom to the top, so they don’t accidentally get pressed (annoyed users = bad ratings = bad for ASO!). I also scaled the image correctly, used the full screen real estate available.

I am also trying to get the touch events code working better so you can swipe across to hear all the keys at once (fun!) and press two or three keys at once for a pleasing chord sound.

This ASO stuff is going to delay getting the app ready as it requires a lot of time, diligence and research. I think it is going to really pay off though in the goal of making this piano popular. Stay tuned and you will see how it turns out.

Written on June 19, 2014