Baby Piano App Update With Pretty Graphs

Here is an update on how the Baby Piano app is doing.

I haven’t done any work on it the last few weeks, no coding or promotion. A few weeks ago I signed up to Pinterest to do a bit of light promotion there, but nothing since then.

Keyword ranking has improved (see next graph), I believe due to getting some ratings and general ‘passage of time’. This is a good sign although not much use until I get into something like the top 5 or 10 because no one will be looking at the 50th result for an app.

Interestingly the ratings were bad, but the Google Algorithm probably says any ratings are better than none. I am not sure why I am getting ratings of ‘2’ as no feedback has been left. Despite using which is supposed to encourage people to leave feedback. They are not.

Despite this, the keyword ranking trend is positive, and this continued trend could get me into the top 5, perhaps with a bit more promotion. Once I am in the top 5 downloads and ad revenue should accelerate dramatically. I hope!


Total downloads and current installs are on this graph:


And here is the revenue so far from ad clicks.


It is a tiny amount of money obviously, but getting to even 10000 downloads which is small in the app world would make the money a bit more interesting - because if I get enough apps created that can get 10000 downloads it is possible to produce enough money to recycle back into development and promotion and have a nice positive-reinforcing cycle.

The downside to making money this way is the reliance on Google for not only the money (from ads) but the platform and the promotion of the app. Google have many ways to pull the plug on me once I get a good revenue coming.

However for now this is an experiment so I am not too concerned and can cross that bridge later. One way is to get the app converted to iPhone, another is to improve and build a community around the app so that people discover it outside of the app stores and I am less reliant on keywords and backlinks.

Written on October 10, 2014