Super Patch!

A quick blog (off topic) on bicycle repair.

I own a “Giant” road bike, and due to the terrible road surfaces in St Albans (Hertfordshire, United Kingdom) suffer from more than my fair share of punctures on the way to and from work.

Looking on the internet for some good advice I found two recommendations and I would like to share my experience of them.

One is simple - to inflate the tyre to higher pressure, to reduce the chance of a tyre pinch caused by potholes and scuffs in the road. The characteristic of this puncture is two holes near each other and no penertration of the tyre wall. This seems to work well and has reduced my punctures by about 50% I’d say. Good advice. I would add it is worth checking tyre pressure on every trip. Interestinlgly even though the tyre says max pressure 125PSI, I find about 40PSI plenty solid for me!

The other advise was to use a tyre patch called the Park Tools Super Patch (here is an example: ). The idea is you can repair your puncture with no glue, which I loved the sound of. My experience of this toolkit is not positive. I found the patch worked for a couple of trips, but soon it would leak. The pressure of the air simply creates a bubble within the patch and air leaks from the side. It doesn’t happen immediately so may catch you by surprise. My advice is replace the inner tube every time (at least for road bikes). You can buy them in bulk for about £25 for 10, so it’s nothing really. A puncture a month would see that last for almost a year. And keep the tyre levers and spare tube on you at all times whilst cycling.

Happy Cycling!

Written on September 25, 2008